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tv   Oregon Gubernatorial Debate  CSPAN  October 30, 2014 8:19pm-9:20pm EDT

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in your opinion, what is our state doing to make sure that students are safe in the classrooms and is it enough? havenstein: well, i think that it is unfortunate that we saw in manchester. the response by law enforcement and other officials was very good from my perspective. i do think that we need to keep thinking about making sure that if we are going to have security in every dimension, that one of the things that concerns me is the fact that governor maggie hassan passed and sponsored this bill that let violent criminals loose several years ago and those criminals created a 12.5% spike in crime in our state. you cannot be soft on criminals and then expect to create this environment in other parts of our society.
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hassan: are most in this realizing that it's important for safety. in terms of school safety, in our bipartisan budget we increased funding for school safety measures so that schools can have direct medication with police departments and we see the development of this program that includes response time for public safety officials. as far as the legislation that my opponent is talking about, he knows that that is supported by law enforcement and that this has been debunked. havenstein: we haven't been debunked, that is simply not true. >> we have a lot more ground to cover. we will be right back ♪
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♪ ♪ single ♪ ♪ ♪ >> moderator: welcome back to the race for the governor of new hampshire. in the last couple of weeks we have seen tough arguments on both sides of the gubernatorial contest. let's listen to one of them will right now. >> admonition, fraud, all on the watch of walt havenstein. and on other taxpayer-funded
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projects $500 million in over budget due to massive fraud. maggie hassan is balancing our budget with no sales or in income tax. maggie hassan, building an innovation economy for future. paid for by walt maggie hassan e let's go to the daily democrat editor. >> governor, your campaign is referring to your comment as failing. the associated press wrote that 5000 jobs lost and a drop is not wrong. but defense industry analysts say that the ads ignore key elements of the full story, such as the nationwide discussion and cuts to the federal defense budget and in regards to walt havenstein bayfield is
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overstated by your campaign. >> moderator: owner, let's start with you. hassan: my opponent has made his experience as a ceo the cornerstone of the campaign and that you need to look at what that experience is. under his watch his company and fermented a strategy and his company lost thousands of jobs and the stock plummeted 3% and the company had to split into as he left and then there was two major findings of fraud on the one hand and overcharging and that doesn't speak to good management. he didn't take any action on this until it became public.
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havenstein: i am glad that this has come up. after 10 years of extraordinary performance since i retired, i was recruited by the board of directors and figure out new strategies, including reorganizing the company and make sure that we were efficient and competitive going forth and we do would be a difficult time for our industry. and especially i discovered an fixed fraud. a nature that the city of new york was made whole and those held responsible or held accountable, that included with senior executives and then we moved on. so the work that we did involve a lot of leadership and
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execution and when i left the chairman of the board praise me for my management and the situation. havenstein: at the same time the budget was supposed to be about $100 million. they ended up having to settle that case for half a billion dollars and he took no action until after prosecutors filed charges. so that doesn't speak to good management and in fact, what he would do and what he did is not something that we want him to do to the state of new hampshire. he's always talking about blowing a hole in the budget it take us right back to a budget that he prays. >> it was all about leadership and facing problems.
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and in contrast to the governor is facing problems when it comes to unfunded pension liability and others that she is not willing to face and two. not take aggressive action, and frankly as a result, in my opinion, she has not earned a second chance. >> moderator: i'm going to play another advertisement. it's not only the governor who has them. let's take a listen. >> some second terms are a mistake. expanding the medicare program and now her administration is asking for $2 billion more. maggie hassan has supported increases in out the reckless spending will lead her to only one choice. supporting income tax again. you have a choice and she hasn't earned a second term. but against toronto. >> vote against maggie hassan.
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>> moderator: okay, how do you respond? hassan: oh, my goodness. i've been very clear about these details. we are in the process of developing our budget as every governor does in the fall, leading into the next two-year budget cycle. that ad is incredibly misleading. the log wires agency heads to submit certain data about how much certain things would cost if we were to do them all and i've always told them that they need to come up with is a much more realistic or puzzles as they can. because we know we need to balance the budget. unlike mr. walt havenstein were they just keep increasing spending, we know that we have to live within our means and balance our budget and we will continue to do that as i'm sure we can it is a budget that
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passed unanimously in the republican-led senate and we found a way to forward and compromised and we have set the foundation for 21st century economic growth. havenstein: the fact of the matter that there was not cooperation when it came to working across the aisle to medication. and maybe that is why the finance chair characterized governor maggie hassan's leadership as toxic artisanship that is poisoning this. that is not me talking but that is one of governors was to work with talking.
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if that is the style of leadership that is supposed to create solutions, she has not earned a second term. hassan: he might understand the notion of compromise. i criticize certain aspects of the republican budget as it first came out of the senate as they had criticized mine, but the thing about working together with bipartisanship, not you agree on everything, but move forward and still solve the problem and the level of partisanship that bill o'brien has praised. >> moderator: this is a question in which you need to answer. havenstein: criticizing her leadership, toxic partisanship
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and bipartisanship. maybe people will figure this out. she's not the leader for the future. >> moderator: let's go back to kevin now for another question. >> here's a question for both of you. let's start with the governor. as you know, heroin addiction is a growing and substantial addiction in new hampshire. one of the top five states in the country in terms of death due herein use of heroine. we expand resources for substance abuse treatment and the state. hassan: thank you for the question, kevin. certainly it is a serious issue in our state and it's one of the reasons that our medicaid expansion agreement with so
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important. this is an agreement that was funded by the federal government for money to come into the state over the next several years and it includes substance abuse and mental health treatment, critical to be able to get treatment to those we need. and an expansion than opponent would appeal and whether this includes seeking drugs or doctor shopping, we have also worked with the other governors to make sure that we are working across state lines to address this particularly challenging problem and that includes saving lives. but in the long term this is about access to treatment and
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which expansion will allow us to do. one problem with the medicaid expansion bill is that it terminates in less than 2.5 years. it truncates. and those people that we have made commitments to are in jeopardy. i have never proposed or suggested that we repeal medicaid expansion loss. and fixing it in a responsible way that we can fulfill our commitments for the future. and the governor won't take that up putting those people in jeopardy. it is encouraging finally that the bill that they originally sponsored and promoted making
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sure that we understand where people are getting prescription drugs, which is usually the cause of long-term drug abuse that is being properly dealt with. >> moderator: i don't think we want to go back to the conversation on medicaid again. hassan: inshore response, the reason is because the republicans in the state senate insisted on it. and he has signed a pledge to repeal medicaid expansion and we should live up to the terms of what he signed. havenstein: i have never suggested that we repeal it for medicaid expansion. the most important pledge to me are the pledge of allegiance and never to spend money that the state doesn't have.
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>> moderator: let's go to another question. >> this is a question for both of the candidates tonight. two thirds of the money raised by increasing the gas tax has gone towards an expansion of interstate 93. where will the money come from and mr. walt havenstein, do you oppose this and so how would you pay for the expansion of i-93 and the other infrastructure that the state needs. havenstein: sure, i do oppose that gas tax when it was passed. it's the wrong time for another tax on the people of new hampshire. and it's not just the gas tax. every bit of commerce that comes through our state is riding on that and for example a forrester in the north country, at
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800-dollar tax on every single one of their trucks. so it hits every pocketbook in our state. another time when we are trying to grow the economy from 0.9%, dead last in new england behind vermont and rhode island. the last thing we need is another tax. i propose that we make structural changes, but the money that comes from taxes should be spent on roads and bridges and not other needs. havenstein: hassan: i'm proud of the came together for both members of the business community and the chamber of commerce and many other chambers of commerce to come together to find a way to fund a solid transportation and the structure for commuters and businesses and we know that they have an innovation economy and a solid infrastructure and we have
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used the funds that we are raising on fixing roads and bridges and the executive council does past this so that roads and bridges are being fixed as least week and we need to work with our federal partners to make sure that we continue to get the kind of investment in transportation infrastructure that we need moving forward. but it's important for people to understand that my opponent would repeal this transportation funding plan and a compromise that came together for members of both parties in the business community. >> moderator: walt havenstein? havenstein: i haven't propose repealing that i have proposed to make structural changes so that the money that we are changing is spent for roads and bridges. hassan: i do have to say that the plan is talking about in terms of changing the structure,
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that proposal could take as many as 80% of our state troopers off the road. >> i have never suggested for a second. 80%. seriously? that is just outlandish. havenstein: i've been fully supportive of our state troopers. the law enforcement officers wear body armor and i'm very proud that i have given to law enforcement across our country and right here in new hampshire. 1900 lives have been saved by the products and systems that have been provided to our law enforcement. and i'm very proud of that. hassan: our law enforcement have endorsed need. i have actually funded the resources stained. >> moderator: let's go to laura
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for another topic. >> we have some demographics challenges. sixty-five states will be over age 65 requiring spending at the same time, here is a question. what should the next governor do? hassan: one of the critical challenges that we have to move forward to develop strengthening economy in the 21st century is to make sure that we have a 21st century workforce. this is something that i do with businesses around the state and it's very important that we keep young people here and that's why we have focused so much on affordability and higher education and that's why we need to do things like examine the rails coming up into the state in the workforce as well. as we explained as we bring more young people in, it's very
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important that we address the particular challenges that come when the population ages. one of the things we have been able to do is really to put together plans for how we can address growing older population. what is really important is if we expand middle-class opportunities helping businesses create jobs, we keep our economy moving, and keeping the high quality of life in the country, we need to get young people here and that means really focusing on higher affordability. something that my opponent's plan would not let us do. >> moderator: a response? havenstein: the key is to create job opportunities for us and printed governor does not know how to do that i have oppose the plan for high-paying jobs in the first 2.5 years of my administration. that plan includes tax restructuring him a which is so
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critical, we will not be competitive unless we do it. changes in regulations to make us a much more business from a state and an education system for the needs of our state, as well as energy policy that drives the rates down so that once again we can be competitive frankly and infrastructure system that we can afford that will support that, as well as health care costs that are competitive when it comes to the other states that we compete with and we will not create opportunities for young people without fundamental structural changes and frankly those changes are things that the governor is not into do or unable to do. >> moderator: we will have more in the debate coming up in just a moment. we will be back in just one moment. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> moderator: welcome back to the race for governor of new hampshire. going to russian from the executive director of the university of new hampshire law center. >> in the 1980s we had the best mental health treatment network in the united states. in the last few decades that has curated. and i would love to know what you would do specifically to repair and what you think it would cost and where the funds would come from. thank you. >> moderator: thank you. that's a good question for both of you. havenstein: i think that that is an important point and i
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appreciate and we do have to repair our mental health system and frankly we have seen more and more of this in our jails as a result of not dealing with the mental health situation. we have seen increased crime as a result and increased drug abuse because we haven't been dealing with it. so we are going to have to set priorities within our budget to make sure that we are continuing to make that a priority and that would be one of the priorities for my administration. hassan: addressing the mental health challenges is important to public health and public safety and i have heard on the campaign trouble for i became governor and since i became governor, how important it is to our businesses and families as we address it.
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it has coverage for mental health treatment and in the bipartisan budget passed with members of both parties unanimously, we reinvested in community-based mental health because we have demonstrated our commitment to doing that and we were able to enter a landmark settlement with it against what the lack of community can-based health care. and so we are implementing the plan that comes from that settlement which will alleviate the acute situation that we have with people in crisis waiting for care. my opponents would be part of this.
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havenstein: i will try to be brief about this. a medicaid expansion bill in a little over two years is not a solution long-term for the people that deserve it. it has to be fixed. it has to be fixed, and i antenna make up my high-security when i get into office. >> we are making sure that every piece of legislation has the ability to move it forward. havenstein: to suggest that i don't understand that is also disingenuous and i have managed a budget three times the size and i manage it year in and year out and i know these choices that have to be extended. but this bill has a sunset provision in it and has no provision for funding future growth in that program.
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>> moderator: take you both very much. moving onto different topic now. >> many people are enjoying lower prices for gas and many face record high prices for electricity and natural gas including alternative sources of energy to wind farms and had a hard time getting off the ground. and so please name the steps he would take. hassan: high energy costs have been a challenge in new hampshire and since i took office i have really brought focused to that challenge and that includes energy and conservation, making sure that we find ways and making sure
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that in particular that we are making an agreement with the other new england governors to bring focus on a particular challenge of bringing more natural gas to this region because this right now is in fact related to that. and it makes no mention of the cleanest and cheapness renewable energy. and that is hydroelectricity. and we need to find a new hampshire way, a balanced way, to bring this into the state. and yes, it goes to the grid, but we need to find a way to make that work for new hampshire. and frankly my goal is not just
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answer yes or no but how to make it work for new hampshire. and governors in the past didn't face these problems. and for that reason she hasn't earned a second term. hassan: we know that we have to move forward and we can find a way to fight that another challenges. because it's important that we have diversity of resources.
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>> moderator: most startups struggle to make any money at all. so wouldn't it make more sense for you to cut the taxes that most large corporations benefit from. havenstein: that's a good part of the strategy for a stay, it makes more sense to me to make sure that tax structure was competitive with the other states and that is what my plan does come it drops over two cycles from and a .5, the highest in the region and the third highest in the country to make us more competitive to 7.4%. at the same time, we need to make sure that our regulations and rules that are imposed are not just on this but primarily
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on small businesses and we are 14th in the country for job creation and there are some fundamental structural issues that have to change. hassan: we have one of the lowest overall tax burdens in the country and we are consistently rated one of the best do business and most recently we were rated the best place to earn a living in the country. unemployment is creating thousands of private sector jobs and we know some families are still struggling and we have more work to do and that is where the strategies that we have comes into play.
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havenstein: i and we know how to do this and we just have the ability to need a leader and have the ability to implement it speak to the private sector has created 5 million jobs and this includes the elements that are in our innovation plan. havenstein: of course need to make investments in our future. but not creating the opportunity salina back, it doesn't make any difference. 106,000 of our citizens lead the state every day and just imagine that those jobs are right here in new hampshire. and i want to create the
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environment here in new hampshire. hassan: a lot of people move here because they enjoy our quality of life and i'm not going to tell them that to give up their jobs in massachusetts right away to come live in new hampshire. havenstein: that is why so many people are leaving. despite my son had to leave 15 months ago to find an opportunity to mr. with that skill. hassan: lots of job openings and high-tech engineering and one of the reasons we are focused so much on college affordability with the 21st century education alignment is because those companies are saying that they have openings here and we had a great opening up comcast last week and we know we have more work to do because their families are still struggling. >> moderator: thank you both. we have just a few moments left. so let's change things up and go a little bit lighter now. asking about a couple of
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questions to maybe tell something about your. what is your favorite website? let's start with you, governor. hassan: i guess the national telegraph is the place that i go first. havenstein: every day, first thing that pops up on my ipad around 4:00 o'clock every morning. >> moderator: here is a little off-topic question, but what was the last concert you attended? havenstein: zach brown on the lake about 14 months ago. it was great. a big country-western fan and zach brown is a favorite of mine. hassan: has been a long time since i attended a concert but i was able to attend one a long time ago and i enjoyed them very much. havenstein: we have about two minutes left and what i want to do is give each of you a minute to close the comments.
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havenstein: inc. you to new hampshire for this opportunity and our panelist and it's been a great opportunity to show the contrast and leadership and we will bring to the office responsible leadership as opposed to my opponent, whose leadership has been characterized by the people that she is suppose to be working a this toxic. i have worked in the industry and had over 100,000 colleagues and never, ever has anyone, even those who disagree with me, referred to my leadership style is toxic. hassan: this election is about a choice that we can continue to move forward to solve long-standing challenges in new hampshire way or we can allow the opponent take back to this
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agenda that devastated our families and our businesses and our economy just two years ago. we have an innovation plan and we need to continue to build on it. and i ask for your vote and i hope very much for the people of new hampshire will keep committed to doing things for new hampshire way together. >> moderator: thank you both very much for joining us. tomorrow night, we will have scott brown and challenger to discuss the issues. the debate will be live right here. thank you for watching on new hampshire public radio. thank you for joining us tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> be part of c-span's campaign 2014 coverage, follow us on twitter and like us on facebook to get debate schedules and video clips of key moments, to be previews from our politics teams. you can instantly share your reactions to it the candidates are saying. the battle for control of congress, stay in touch and engage by following us on twitter and like us on facebook. >> in south carolina, republican tim scott was appointed to his senate seat in 2013 to fill the vacancy left by jim demint. he is now running against joyce
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dickerson and jill bossi. they debated earlier this week. >> moderator: one of the things a lot of people's minds is going to be medicare. how do we keep it going and how do we sustain a? for your children or grandchildren. how do we sustain this for the future? scott: one of the first ways we can help to sustain medicare for the future is to take a look at obamacare where we saw $716 billion siphoned from medicare in order to encourage people to buy insurance. i don't think that our singer should be subsidizing the health care cost of young americans. one of the most important things we can do is the number for waste and fraud and abuse is
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around 9% and the average in corporate america is about 2%. so if we were to look into medicare and for ways for us to reduce waste and fraud and abuse, we would see a passport. that will we do know is that the health care costs are part of this. dickerson: we need to protect medicare. my father was born in 1922, they were dependent on medicare, but medicare is a good and sound program that we need to strengthen and we need to keep it going. but i think that we need to look at the holistic issue of health care in america. whether you call it the aca were obamacare, we need to look at that and our veterans. they deserve not to be homeless and not to be hungry and to have a health care that they deserve. so we need to look at it holistically to bring everyone together and bring the insurance companies to the table and the medical experts to the table and come up with a plan that
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provides the kind of insurance that all america needs. bossi: this is something that is very much on my mind. i believe that we really have to protect our seniors and some people call that entitlement and some people call in entitlement, but i believe that i got my paycheck, tim scott and joyce dickerson got their paychecks, we saw them deduct that from our paychecks. so how can you can say he that is entitlement. i will support medicare and make sure that we protect it because it is vital to all citizens. >> you can watch this debate at on our website. go to here's a preview of our election night coverage.
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i'll be your moderator this evening. we're joined by two men competing to be oregon's next governor, kitzhaber and denison. >> live, an oregon gubernatorial debate featuring democratic incumbent, john kitzhaber, and challenger, oregon state representative, dennis richardson. brought by the oregon association of realtors, progressing your piece of oregon. nbc 5 live stream. now, your host and mott rater for the de -- moderator for the
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debate. >> moderator: tonight, governor kit hawpeer and senator richardson with cover things -- >> in 15 days one of this two men will be elected to lead the state of oregon for the next four years. thank you for being here. >> the son of a carpenter, anyone richardson has been a resident of southern oregon since 1979. an army helicopter pilot during vietnam, he returned home, put himself through law school and opened a small law practice, and married a women and has one son. he was nancely elected by democrats and republicans to the speaker pro tem and served as the co-chair for ways and meanss and led the repeal have largest tax increase in history.
9:02 pm
governor john kitzhaber grow up in eugene, served parts parts of douglas county before becoming governor help helped launch the oregon business plan. in 2011 oregonians elected him governor. oregon has expanded health insurance coverage to 59% of oregonians. -- 95% of the oregonons. representative richardson, you have two minutes for your opening statements. >> thank you. this election is not bat republican versus a democrat. it's about the past versus the future. governor kitzhaber wants a fourth term but has he earned it? oregon's unemployment rates have been higher than the national average for the last 18 consecutive years. we have one in five oregonians on foot -- food stamps and the economic arrow has been going
9:03 pm
down for the past 20 years, and it's still decreasing. next let consider education. since this eflex 2010, oregon's education system has continued to decline. we have a crew that he brought in and that was scandal. we have agreed situation rate which are next to the last in the nation. and we're especially hurting students from low income families. now he is promoting common core, another federal educational program that's an experiment on our children, that ignores parents, teachers and local schoolboards. finally, on his watch, more than a half a billion dollars has been wasted on common core and -- excuse me -- on cover oregon and other such projects and embroiled know in a scandal that makes oregon again national joke. he thinks it's okay for his chief adviser of the crc bridge project get paid more than a half million dollars while she is his adviser, paid bay
9:04 pm
contractor. he think it's okay for this first lady to triple her income in one year receiving payments from companies that wanted access to her government connections. governor, that is not okay. that's corruption. it's time for oregon to choose a leader that can fix what is broken i'll reboot oregon's economy, create jobs and move the economic arrow upward. i will reform oregon's education system and put our students on track for a world class education. i will restore trust, integrity, transparent si and accountability for the governorship. with new leadership we can be bud of orb and its future. >> thank you. governor, you have two minutes. >> my political career has been built from one basic belief and that's we wall want the same thing. we want to beat meet our basic needs, achieve our full potential and hard work to be
9:05 pm
rewarded and leave our children better they've than we are. their two basic views how to get there one is the notion that we're on our own and we have to fend for ourselves. and the other notion is we're in this together and there are things we can do to lift all of us up. i fought as an e.r. doctor, legislator, and a governor, and i fight for it every day as father. four years ago oregon was in really bad shape. we faced a human budget deficit, high unemployment, and other divide legislature, the ingredients for a political disaster like wisconsin. the fact this doesn't have speaks to the kind of executive leadership we needed. we had to cross the partisan divide and we did that. we create overred 100,000 new jobbed and elaced the deficit. wore working to solve the onc
9:06 pm
problem and provided direct support to places like the rogue creamery, amy's kitchen,. we have increased funding for education, started fullday considering and froze tuition for the first time in 14 years, and 95% of oregonians have health insurance coverage, tens of thousands for the first time. last year we raised revenue for mental health and our senior citizen. i'm proud of what we have done. i look forward to a serious conversation between myself and represent different richardson about our accomplishments and our vision foreign's future. >> moderator: tonight's questions are create by journalists here and by our viewers and have not been shared with the candidates and their aides. the first man to answer will gate 30-second rebuttal when his opponent finishes his response. at the conclusion of the bait
9:07 pm
each candidate will -- the debate each candidate will be given 60 seconds. the coin flip was won by governor kit shawner and he elected to receive, and so representative richardson goes first. we have several questions smidted about education. our first one is from aubrey, a seventh grader. she writes, my education is important to me and i want to know what you will change to improve graduation rates in oregon that are currently the second low nest the country. -- lowest in the country. >> the graduation rates -- the problem we're in is we're facing as a result 206 -- a result of 20 years of bad policy in the education field. remember, back in the '90s we had cam, and now we have the common core as a followup. what we can could to help increase our grooved situation rates is -- graduation rates it to ensure that every student has a mentor and an opportunity. we have 100% of owe our focus on
9:08 pm
high erred. only 25% of our kid goes there what about the 5075% of our kid -- the other 75% of our candidates? they need to have education as well. we need to have traded, shops, we need to have music and art. we need to have a focus so that every child will have their needs met so they can be success. in life and not have it be determined by government that wants to ensure they're all heading in the direction that may not fit the needs of those individuals. >> moderator: governor kitzhaber. i. >> we need a long-term investment strategy because there or two primary components to the graduation rate. most important is early learning. we have to ensure that eve child is ready for considering the. we're linking full-day considering the in the fall of 2015 to a robust literacy program so kids are reading at level in third agreeds. they're four times more likely to graduate from high school than kids that aren't.
9:09 pm
we need to reconnect kid inside high school to the world of work. by reconnecting them with computer science. two key elements in the budget i'll submit to the legislature in september. -- excuse me -- december of this year. so the point is there's no quick magic bullet to change the educational system. we have to recognize the key leverage points where are state dollars can give the greatest return. we added $1 million to the k through 12 so funding is important but spend think dollars in the right plate is just as important. >> moderator: governor, thank you. >> the was about graduation rates and we need -- our better high we need look at school districts in oregon having nearly 100% graduation rates, and they're there. we can learn from their discusses. we can ensure we do those things that will help our kids have their needs met. common core is not the answer. the governor supports common core. i do not because it takes away
9:10 pm
from parents, teachers, and school boards, the control over their own education and they know the students best. >> moderator: there have been many new stories about sylvia hayes, your fiancee september admitted to entering into an illegal green card marriage and purchased land with he intent of running an illegal marijuana operation. several articled have been written that suggests hayes has used her role as first lady to recruit and obtain clients for her energy consulting business. do you think any of these issue should matter to oregon voters. >> what sylvia did before i knew her, she assumed responsibility and stepped up and took responsibility. those issues are personal and we have to work those out. the second issue is mow important. i disagree with hi conclusions. the fact is silver via had a successful professional career before we -- i got elected, and
9:11 pm
we recognized the need for transparency and guidelines to make sure her professional career was separate from her first lady role. so we set up protocols, procedures and guidelines and a legal review process to make sure we complied with not only the letter but the spirit of the ethics laws and we believe we have. nonetheless, this is political season with inflated campaign rhetoric and partisan shots across bow, and i asked the ethics commission to confirm or protocols and guidelines and reel view the three contracts she had, all of which with not for profit agencies with no legislative interest in oregon. >> representsive, richardson. >> taking money while in state office is nothing new to be governor in the early 90s he took $100,000 for speeches the made as a senator dealing with the health plan. now we're dealing with his fiancee, who sees nothing wrong with taking almost tripling her income in one year by taking
9:12 pm
money from companies that want to buy influence with the governor, and with government. that is wrong. that is corrupt. we cannot just ignore that. there's crimes that have been committed and it may be that the governor is complicit because last year in july, his chief legal adviser prepared an ethics letter and asked sylvia hayes to sign and it it said what she was doing was illegal, inappropriate, or at least unethical. she refueled to sign it and by the end of august they revised the letter in such a way that made it okay to do that and she signed that letter. who would have the authority to tell legal counsel they should change the ethical letter. >> moderator: governor, should oregon votees consider this? >> they should consider the question busy potential ethics violence, -- violation. someone did file ethics
9:13 pm
violation with me in 1994. my opponent. and those were completely discharged by the ethics commission i expect that will happen again today. we have taken an allegation that is undocumented, unproved, and trialing it as though it war fact and someone is das separate enough to go down that route razorrous questions why have that to offer oregon except nor fact they're not me and that doesn't quite cut it in the state as in terms of leadership and the serious conditions facing oregon. >> moderator: representative, you stated should you become governor you would create a tradition of lieutenant governor. not elected. specifically, who due you have in mind. >> the funding will take place out of the governor reside budget. who i have in mind, departments on what let qualifications. the reason for lieutenant governor is to give status to an individual who will promote international trade. oregon is a leader in exports
9:14 pm
and we need to expand that to create jobs in oregon's economy you need to create greater demand for services and products. greater demand means you have to have somebody to meet that demand so you hire people. that creates private sector jobs, and so we need to have someone that is out working in our key expert companies to establish offices to ensure we're marketing our products and services and then the governor, as the ambassador for oregon businesses, goes in for the close when necessary. the governor has not been on a trade mission in a couple of years and spent more time in butan than he has in china of japan. i've organized ten trade missions to china and have shown i can create jobs. i'll do more as a governor. >> moderator: governor, what are your thoughts on the position of lieutenant governor. >> i think it's utterly unnecessary. people in asia and europe want to see the governor, not the lieutenant governor.
9:15 pm
i led three trade missions, two to asia, one to amsterdam, berlin and belgium. we issued a tokyo, kyoto, beijing, shanghai, hong kong, and beijing, several times. we have also opened, for example, oregon agriculture to the korean market because of negotiation wes had between myself, the department of agriculture and korea. oregon is the first state to export fresh blueberries into korea, which has huge implications for our growing agricultural industry, a bright spot in our economic discovery. so this is a trade-dependent state and something the governor has to take seriously and nothing delegate to a surrogate, and we have dem 0 mon straighted we have boosted our anywhere balance trade and will tine to do so but it's the job the governor has to do, him or herself. >> moderator: representative? >> talk is cheap. this is a governor who has had three terms to try and expand
9:16 pm
our economy, increase our sales and exports. he hasn't been -- he may have taken a trip to china or to japan or korea, but he hasn't spent time and emphasis expanding our conditions there. that needs to be done. it takes time. i have spent -- i've organized ten trade missions as a legislator. why? because the governor doesn't have time. he is too busy doing other things to actually focus on the exports like he should have. >> moderator: next question for governor kitzhaber, three main areas of importance for all citizens of oregon are health care, law enforcement and education. please give us your grade from a through f how you feel oregon currently scores in these three areas. >> i think we score a in health care, 95% of oregonians now have health insurance coverage. it's an amazing story. tens of thousands for the very first time. they're happier, healthier, don't have to choose between paying the doctor's biffle and paying the utility bill and a million of them on a new care
9:17 pm
model that with sale the stray billioned over dollars. on education, we have a c and moving towards a b. we have put in place the infrastructure and the funding to ensure that all of our kids are ready for kindergarten when they get there and within five years i believe we can have all children redding at third agreed level, which is a huge boost for those children. not only in terms of education but in reducing the aachievement gap which is disproportionalitily on communities of color, and english language and generation of post. the third one, law enforcement, we have ale real challenge because of the inflexibility of the sentencing guidelines and inability of many rural counties to raise resources necessary to provide basic public safety services, so i give us a d. in the course we're on. >> moderator: representative richardson, do you want me to repeat the question? >> go ahead. >> moderator: three main areas of importance are health care,
9:18 pm
law enforcement, and education. please give is your grades hour you feel oregon scores in these three areas. >> under this governor's administration, an f in health care. we have spent $300 million on cover oregon. a web site project. and now it's all being transferred back to the federal government as if it didn't exist. they're going to reenroll everyone that bought a personal policy under the plan. he takes credit for establishing or enrolling 350,000 oregonians in health care. the federal government expanded eligibility. that's what made that happen. most of them are medicaid. medicaid, we were enrolling medicaid for decades before cover oregon's failure, and now the hope is that things are going to get better in the future. it's not just going to happen, unless we have leadership that will pay attention to the details and not waste $300 million. law enforcement is -- we have decreasing rates of law
9:19 pm
enforcement costs and the occurrence, and that is going to be -- we need to make sure we have adequate funding for all of the state and not just the areas up north. >> moderator: education? >> it's an f also. we're failing in achievement, we're failing in graduation rates, and we are promoting common core, which is using our kids as a experiment and it detracts and takes away now responsibility from teachers, parents, or school districts. >> moderator: the law enforcement grade was? >> law enforcement would be a c. >> just for the record, that was 590-second response. >> moderator: all right. 30 seconds. >> anyone who would disthe fact that 59% of their citizens has health insurance coverage has to be someone who has good health insurance coverage for themes and their family. a disproportionate number of people on medicaid and they're hard working families


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